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Welcome to the 2022 Football year. Homenetmen Antranig Football Committee would like to outline some housekeeping rules to ensure the new year commences successfully:


  • Registration and payments to be made to PLAYFOOTBALL (Service NSW Active Kids Voucher accepted)
  • Renewal and payment to Antranig for club membership is included in the PlayFootball registration – there are no additional fees payable to the club (Service NSW Active Voucher accepted)
  • The reduced fees passed on by the NSWF Association has been applied to all age groups.
  • Early Bird discount of $10 applied to all registrations completed before February 14th.
  • Sibling discounts are also available - will be vetted by the committee before approved. Further evidence may be requested to support.

Coaches and Managers

  • Coaches/Managers continue as volunteers from Antranig’s dedicated members
  • Coaches/Managers will have their registration fee waived for 2022 Player registration
  • Coaches/Managers will also require registration with NWSF as a volunteer.
  • Coaches will be engaging in clinics over the course of the year.
    • NWSF has set some mandatory courses for ALL Coaches
    • This will allow them to review their techniques, engage with their team and provide improved coaching.
  • Coaches will adhere to the Homenetmen Antranig code of conduct. They will represent the club in a positive and sportsmanship manner at all times (on and off the court). We look forward to a successful and united 2022.

Training and Field Conduct

  • Always ensure players leave training and game fields as they have been found – remove any rubbish brought in with players and all equipment packed away
  • Ensure timely arrival and departure
  • Ensure polite conduct with each other and opposing teams, coaches and referees


  • Teams and players have been adjusted for 2022 onwards to play in their ‘true age’ teams.
  • True age team” means the birth year dictates the team the player joins, for example, 2010 = U12, 2009 = U13, 2008 = U14, 2007 = U16, 2006 = U18
  • Confirming that “playing up” is not the same as “moving up”.
Moving Up:
  • Some teams will disband should players “move up” to a team above their age. For this reason the primary requirement is for the child to play in their true age group.
  • Discretion has been made for teams who have insufficient numbers to nominate a team, for example: players have “moved up” so they can continue to play this year as their true age team has insufficient numbers.
  • Some teams will become overloaded as they are already at capacity, therefore impacting the coach and team development – if teams are overloaded, players may be required to move up.

Playing Up:

  • “Playing Up” is only considered for a player who is rep player. The player will still have to play in their true age team but can be requested to play up into a higher age group (U12, rep player can “play up” to U14).
  • A player may be requested to “play up” from time to time to fill in at a higher age group due to sickness or injury

Important: Players should take this opportunity to improve/develop their skills, increase their social circle and support our growing community.

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